Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chaos is...revealing

Toni Morrison is known for her poetic prose, thrown together in a seemingly chaotic but brilliantly cohesive manner. Beloved is a prime example of this style, as it skips seamlessly from one time and voice to the next. This flowing chaos is particularity apparent in the voice of Beloved. Both her reflection chapter and her other interactions with characters, are confusing and chaotic to an extreme. The majority of her sentences are not sentences at all but rather fragments pieced together in a jumbled mess. Morrison uses this style not to confuse the reader but rather give him insight into the lives of Beloved and her family. It also gives her novel a distinct look and feel characteristic only of Morrison herself. I adore Morrison’s style and wish I could mirror it in my own writing, incorporating the chaos to build a bigger and more beautiful picture.

Toni Morrison~Beloved

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