Monday, February 21, 2011

Chaos is...the plot

Alvar lives a quiet life. His life is free from chaos, that is at least until Lindys walks through the door of his art gallery. Lindys brings an entirely new dimension into Alvar’s life, throwing him out of his daily pattern and driving him to commit acts he wouldn’t have dreamed of in different circumstances. Both the fictional “author” and Karin Fossum thrive on this jolt and chaos. For both it provides the conflict and ultimately the plot line. Broken argues that without chaos life continues as planned, and though there are plenty of books about life as planned, there are few that would appeal to Karin Fossum’s target audience. However, through her characters, Fossum also argues that life is safer without chaos. It may not open doors, but it does keep you comfortable. Fossum challenges the reader to choose between chaos and order, something we all chose between and something that is prominent in the creative writing process.

Broken~Karin Fossum